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  • Any card will do, or even an index card with a hand drawn picture on the front and a message on the back.
  • No need to stamp them, as we include them in our care packages.
  • Ideas for beginning your message: "Dear American Hero", "Dear Friend", "Dear Patriot", "Dear Serviceperson," "Dear US Protector," "Hello from ... (Your Town or State)." Tell them about yourself, too.
  • Ideas for the message: Thank you for keeping our country safe, thank you for your service, we are thinking of you, you are in our prayers, we are proud of you and what you are doing, please know that you are not forgotten, etc. (just examples)
  • If you include your name and address, often you will hear back.
  • Keep the messages positive. 

If at all possible, attach a label on the back of each card saying what school, class, and address the card is coming from.  If not, we will do it for you.....we want to make this easy and enjoyable for you!  Like the above lays out its just about making that connection with the child and or adult and the military person reading it.  It's what reminds them what is waiting for them when they return home......love and support.  

When you have your letters completed, you can mail them to East Bay Blue Star Moms, P.O. Box 2537, San Ramon, CA 94583, or to me at 7572 Calle Verde Road, Dublin, CA 94568 or I can pick them up.

We can also offer a representative to speak to the kids.  If there is anything else at all I can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach me!  We are here for you as you are doing such a wonderful thing.  

Thank You!

Emma Luntey
Care Package Chairmom

For more information about Operation Postcard please contact our Operation Postcard Chairmom - OpPostcard@bluestarmoms.org. Please see our calendar for dates and places where you will find us.


For time and place of meetings, email info@bluestarmoms.org

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